The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert

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The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert free. Have you ever wanted to learn JavaScript programming? The Complete JavaScript Course 2021 From Zero to Expert free download is the best place to start. The tutorials in this course start at the very beginning, assuming no prior experience with programming or JavaScript whatsoever. You will learn concepts, techniques, and a lot of practice, so you’ll be a true JavaScript pro in a few weeks!

What you’ll learn in the Complete JavaScript Course 2021

  • From the ground up, learn how to become a skilled, confident, and contemporary JavaScript developer
  • 6 real-world projects for your portfolio (not boring toy apps)
  • Be job-ready by learning how JavaScript operates in the background.
  • Learn how to think and act like a developer: problem-solving, researching, and processes
  • Variables, if/else, operators and boolean logic are just a few of the JavaScript basics.
  • ES6+ is a modern language from the start: Functional arrows, destructuring, the spread operator, optional chaining (ES2020), etc. are all examples of these.
  • Classes, constructors, prototypal inheritance, encapsulation, etc. are all examples of modern object-oriented programming (OOP).
  • The ‘this’ keyword, higher-order functions, closures, etc., are complex notions.
  • AJAX calls and APIs are asynchronous JavaScript features.
  • What are flowcharts and common patterns for coding?
  • NPM, Parcel, Babel, and ES6 modules are among the modern technologies that will be available in 2021.
  • 50+ tasks and assignments will help you improve your abilities (solutions included)
  • The Q&A area is a great place to get helpful help.
  • Create a customized learning route based on your goals: routes of study


It is not essential to have any prior coding expertise to take this course. My goal is to take you from a novice to a pro!
Windows, macOS, or Linux will operate on any computer and operating system. In the course, we’ll show you how to set up your text editor.
HTML and CSS knowledge is a bonus, but not a necessity! There is a crash course on HTML and CSS included in this course.

The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert

Udemy’s #1 JavaScript seller! ***(68 hours of video) *** Completely rebuilt in October 2021.

“The course was really well-made. With fantastic challenges and exercises, this course will help you strengthen your Javascript knowledge. JS developers will benefit from Jonas’ lectures because he doesn’t skim over anything.” Theodore Carson Bartholomew

In terms of popularity, JavaScript is the world’s most widely used programming language. As a result, the contemporary web is powered by PHP. Worldwide, it supports millions of well-paying employment.
This is also the reason you want to learn JavaScript. In such case, you’ve come to the right location.

Why should you take this JavaScript course?
On Udemy, this is the most comprehensive JavaScript course you’ll ever find! From the very basics of JavaScript to developing contemporary and complicated apps, this is a one-stop solution.

Step-by-step, you’ll learn contemporary JavaScript from the ground up! In addition to useful and entertaining code examples, I’ll cover essential theory about how JavaScript works in the background, as well as gorgeous and full projects.

There are a number of real-world talents that you will gain as a developer as well.
So you don’t have to buy any other course to learn JavaScript from the ground up!
All of these issues need not be addressed. “The Complete JavaScript Course” is a massive course. It’s like taking many classes at once! But even if you simply watch a portion of the course, you may become a great developer. This is why I structured this course in a modular format and created paths that will help you get through it more quickly and efficiently.

Your job interviews will be a breeze after taking this course since you will have the information and confidence you need.
For what reasons do you think I am the best JavaScript teacher for you?
Jonas, a web developer and designer with years of expertise, is one of Udemy’s top instructors. Every year since 2016, I’ve taught this best-selling course to over 400,000 developers, listening carefully to their comments, and figuring out how they learn.

As a result of my teaching experience, I developed this updated and better JavaScript course in the last several months. It’s now the most comprehensive JavaScript course on Udemy (and maybe the entire internet).

I’m familiar with how students learn JavaScript and what they need to know to become proficient in this language. That insight helped me create the perfect course content. Real-world projects, in-depth explanations, theoretical lectures and challenges combine to make you a JavaScript expert in just a couple of weeks’ time..

Which specific topics will be addressed in this training program?
Construct five gorgeous, real-world projects for your portfolio. Learn how to design and architect your apps using flowcharts and JavaScript patterns in these projects.
Become familiar with JavaScript’s foundations, including variables, if/else, operators, boolean logic and more.

Beginner’s guide to contemporary JavaScript (ES6+): Arrow functions, destructuring, the spread operator, default parameters, optional chaining (ES2020), and more are included.
Learn how JavaScript’s engines, the call stack, hoisting and scoping operate as well as reference values and other features in the background.
Arrow functions, first-class and higher-order functions, binding and closures are covered in detail.

Deep dive into object-oriented programming: prototypal inheritance, constructor functions (ES5), classes (ES6), encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism, among other concepts. [This is a mini-course]

The event loop, promises, async/await, and error handling are all covered in depth in this asynchronous JavaScript tutorial. AJAX calls will obtain data from third-party APIs using these methods. [This is a mini-course]

Professional web developers employ a variety of current tools, including: Module bundlers NPM, Parcel, Babel, and ES6 modules.
This subject is further described in the course curriculum.)

What’s included in the bundle is also as follows:
Easily searchable, high-definition videos (great for Udemy for Business students)
English captions that are of a professional standard (not the auto-generated ones)
Starter code and finished code for each part are available for download.
40+ theoretical films (not dull, I swear!) are available as downloadable slides.
During the course Q&A, you will receive free assistance.
Learn how to code by taking part in one of our many challenges and assignments (solutions included)

You should take this course if…
the goal is to get a solid grasp of the JavaScript language.
You don’t grasp JavaScript, or You lack the confidence to build actual applications.
React, Angular, Vue, or Node.js are on your radar for future use.

you already know JavaScript and are searching for a more advanced class. This course covers a wide range of advanced subjects!
If you’re interested in learning how to program, read on! As a first language, JavaScript is a wonderful choice.

Do any of these people resemble you in any way? This is the only JavaScript course you’ll ever need!
This course is intended for the following audiences:
Become a JavaScript expert by taking this course.

Please consider taking this course, if:
1) you do not believe that you fully grasp JavaScript, or
2) you are not confident in your ability to develop actual programs.

You should enroll in this course if you plan on using a library/framework like React, Angular, Vue, or Node in the near future.
Consider taking this course if you’re already familiar with JavaScript and want to learn more advanced techniques. This course covers a wide range of advanced subjects!

If you’re interested in learning how to program, take this course. As a first language, JavaScript is a wonderful choice.

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