MPLS on MikroTik with LABS

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MPLS on MikroTik with LABS paid course free. You will Get a better performance in your ISP using MPLS protocol and understand all its feature such as VRF VPN, VPLS & TE.

  • Understand what is MPLS and where to use it
  • Understand how to have a BGP free core in your ISP using MPLS
  • Understand the MPLS acronyms ((CE, PE, P, Label Push, Label Swap, Label Pop)
  • Configure MPLS using the static labeling
  • Configure MPLS using the dynamic labeling
  • Filter MPLS using Accept and Advertise Filter
  • Understand and configure VRF lite on MikroTik
  • Understand MPLS layer 3 VPN using VRF
  • Configure MPLS layer 3 VPN using VRF
  • Understand and configure MPLS layer 2 VPN using VPLS
  • Understand what is MPLS Traffic Engineering
  • Configure MPLS Traffic Engineering
  • Run VPLS over TE Tunnels


  • Good knowledge of BGP routing protocol
  • Good knowledge of OSPF routing protocol


MPLS is a protocol that runs inside the ISP networks. Deploying MPLS is always a challenge because of its complexity. However, MPLS has a much better performance than any other routing protocol because it works on Labels for the routing decision and it works on layer 2.5 instead of layer 3 as other routing protocols such as RIP, OSPF and BGP.

Utilizing MPLS, the ISP will actually want to have a great deal of advantages from include that it gives, for example, Layer 3 VPN utilizing VRF, Layer 2 VPN utilizing VPLS, Traffic Engineering Tunnels and significantly more.

In this course, I will go through MPLS without any preparation, so I will disclose to you what MPLS is actually and how it functions, then, at that point I will begin doing labs to cover all themes possibles in MPLS.

Themes that I will cover in this course are:

Prologue to MPLS

MPLS Basics, MPLS Labels and MPLS Filtering



MPLS Traffic Engineering

All the course will be founded on active LABS, so by end of the course you will have a major comprehension of how to convey MPLS in your ISP utilizing MikroTik Routers.

To have the option to follow this course, you can utilize GNS3 on the grounds that in certain LABS we need to have up to 7 MikroTik Routers. Obviously in the event that you have those switches than you can send them and work on actual switches to the LABS.

At long last, If you need to dominate MPLS on MikroTik and see how it functions, I exceptionally encourage you to enlist in my course and get all the data that I will impart to you.

Who this course is for:

  • Engineers who work in Internet Service Provider using MikroTik Routers and want to deploy MPLS
  • Students who want to learn how to configure MPLS on MikroTik routers


MPLS on MikroTik with LABS

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