Microsoft PowerApps crash course – from UI to Integration

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Microsoft PowerApps crash course – from UI to Integration. So you want to learn Power Apps and you have no clue what it is or you have checked lots of online resources and learned many bits and pieces and looking for a resource to connect all of them so that you can call yourself a Power Apps Developer.

Microsoft PowerApps crash course

This course starts from the basics of the Power Platform and takes you to build fully functional apps that interact with external data sources (Excel, SharePoint, and Power Automate); and by the end of the course, we learn how to deploy the app and all its dependencies to another environment.

We are not using any ready-made templates/wizards. All samples are created from scratch based on the Canvas app while following the standards and best practices that enable you immediately understand apps that are created with templates so that you can make changes in them and customize them.

This course is presented in 4 major sections:

  1. Understanding PowerApps UI and design elements which is mainly working with designer and learning about design posibilities in PowerApps
  2. Learning to write code/expressions and adding functionality to the UI and bringing your UI to life
  3. Learning about connectors and integrating the apps with external solutions (Excel on OneDrive, SharePoint and Power Automate Flows)
  4. Security and deployment of PowerApps from Dev to other environments.

This is an all in one package with moderate pace that is slow enough for beginners to catch up and rich in content to keep the experienced students engaged.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who are willing to use Power Apps in their next project
  • SharePoint consultants who want to customize SharePoint look and feel
  • Anybody who is looking for a quick and easy way to build cross platform apps in Microsoft platform



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