Good health is the basis for a long and happy life. According to a study, 65% people feel healthy. This means that the respondents rate their physical and mental well-being as “good” to “very good”. A healthy tips is made up of several aspects: diet, exercise and relaxation.

Healthy nutrition is becoming more and more important

The subject of “healthy eating” is also becoming increasingly important. Around 25 million people stated that they were particularly interested in healthy tips for eating and a healthy lifestyle. Around 34 million cook regularly and avoid ready-made products – an important part of healthy eating. In a survey, 45% of those questioned said that they primarily want to eat “healthy”. Other properties such as “delicious” were less important to them.

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Sport as the basis for a healthy life

Exercising regularly is another important part of a healthy life. On average, move around 27 minutes a day. So they are in a healthy range. The situation is different with the body mass index. This determines the ideal weight based on body weight and height. The slightly above the recommended values ​​of 22 to 25. The Federal Statistical Office has determined that 62% of adult men are overweight. In contrast, only 43% of women are too fat. You should follow these healthy tips for your fitness.

A healthy lifestyle includes: B. also renouncing drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Around 78% people stated that they were non-smokers. The remaining 22% smoke regularly or occasionally. The non-smoking trend runs through all age groups – a positive development.

Healthy tips and advice

Living a healthy life can be very simple. With a healthy diet and sporting activities, you can improve your health in the long term. Here are 9 tips for a healthy life.

1. Healthy eating

Avoid fast food and ready-made products and concentrate on a balanced diet. Your menu should include 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. In addition, dairy products such as yogurt. This strengthens your immune system and your intestinal flora. Try to reduce your meat consumption: only eat meat 2 to 3 times a week. Avoid red meat and eat poultry instead. Fish should also be on your menu once or twice a week. When shopping, it’s also better to use whole grain products. In this way you support your metabolism and lay the foundation for a healthy life. This also include in healthy tips.

2. Drink a lot

Make sure you drink enough daily according healthy tips. For adults, 2 liters of fluid a day is recommended. This will balance your fluid balance and prevent kidney disease. Avoid soft drinks. Because these contain a lot of sugar. Coffee and fruit juices are also healthy in adequate amounts.

3. Sports and exercise

Exercise in everyday life strengthens the muscles and is good for the spine. Avoid driving if you could walk the route. Climb stairs more often. How to keep fit. You should also do sports regularly – whether in a club, in the gym or alone. Short, high-intensity exercises are particularly effective when exercising at home. You can also healthy tips to care your parents.

4. Regular relaxation

Take time out regularly and relax actively. This will help you relieve stress and find serenity. Relaxation techniques such as auto genic training, progressive muscle relaxation and yoga are particularly suitable for this healthy tips.

5. Sleep soundly

The body regenerates during sleep. This is why a good night’s sleep is important for a healthy life. Take care of yourself and find out how many hours of sleep you need. Incorporate routines into your daily life to encourage falling asleep. Always go to bed at the same time. This is how you can regulate your biorhythm. If you have the time, take a nap on the weekend. That too promotes a healthy tips.

6. Fresh air and sun

Try to spend at least half an hour in the fresh air every day. This will strengthen your immune system and fill up on vitamin D, which is formed by staying in the sun. It promotes the healthy tips of your bones and your well-being. A walk in the fresh air also relieves stress.

7. Positive thoughts

With a positive attitude, you will find work and everyday tasks much easier. A healthy mind is just as important to a healthy life as a healthy body for these healthy tips. The tidier your thoughts, the better you will feel. By the way: studies have shown that laughter strengthens the immune system.

8. Digital time out

A digital break can help you live more relaxed and healthier lives. So try to go one to two hours a day without media. A nice walk in nature or a good book will increase your well-being more than hours of media consumption. Healthy tips is better for you.

9. Take advantage of pension offers

Be very aware of your body and pay attention to the signals it is giving you. From the age of 35, the health insurance companies offer a free health check every 2 years. Take advantage of these offers. Only then can any illnesses be recognized in good time. Regular checkups at the dentist are also important for a healthy life for healthy tips. Further information on health and tips for a healthy life can be found in the “Health” guide.

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