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Your own boss, opening your own shop – sounds tempting, but it also means a lot of preparation. We’ll tell you what to look for when starting your own business. No matter whether you dream of a boutique, a health food store or a small shop kiosk. Here are 5 business tips for your way into self-employment to. You should read all the Business tips if you want to become a professional.

The stationary retail trade is still one of the strongest branches of the economy. But before you can earn money and be successful in this industry, there are a few important to-dos to do in advance. The more conscientiously you deal with the following start-up topics, the better your dream of “opening your own shop” will work out later.

Keep an eye on trends Business tips and the competition

First and foremost, you should have as precise an idea as possible of what you actually want to sell – and to whom. “Any clothes in any fashion store” is not very precise and will not be of much interest to future customers either. “Hand-made decorative items from Scandinavia”, which you are selling in a modern shop in the artists’ quarter, seems more sophisticated and promising. In your plans, pay attention to hip trends that have the potential to establish themselves in the long term. The umpteenth unpack aged store in the same district will make little sense if the competition has already gained a foothold before you. Take a look at the retail outlets at your location, see where which customers go shopping and try to find out where there might be a need for your goods.

Become an all-rounder as a shop owner through Business tips

Before you decide to start your own business, be aware of the multitude of tasks you have to do as a shop owner. In personal union, you are not only a seller, but also a goods buyer, commercial accountant, customer advisor, advertiser, warehouse clerk and, if necessary to business tips, also head of human resources.You can check all the Business tips It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert in all areas at this point. On the one hand, you can acquire the knowledge you lack with specialist literature or you can attend start-up seminars with a corresponding thematic focus. On the other hand, you can look for professional support, e.g. B. with start-up consultants who take you by the hand on your way to self-employment.

Location, location, location … Make the right choice of location for your store in Business tips

It sounds banal, but it will determine your future success or failure: Finding the right location and the right restaurant for your shop. It can take a while to find the perfect location for you.

Analyze carefully whether the district fits your target group.

Who do you want to address? The young students in the hip alternative district, with less purchasing power? Or are you speculating on a busy intersection with wealthy walk-in customers? Or should it be the quiet residential area with relaxed regular customers? If you’re struggling to start looking business tips for a location from scratch, just think about whether a takeover might also be an option for you. The start-up process is streamlined as a result – but be careful: Inquire why the old shopkeepers want to give up their business. Is it due to age? Or because there aren’t any customers on the street?

Have your numbers in view right from the start

The greatest business idea is of no use if you cannot make a living from your business. The most important thing in self-employment is to always have your numbers in view. How do you finance your shop?

How much equity do you bring with you at the beginning?

What turnover do you expect? You should pay attention on the health of the people

During the start-up process of Business tips, you always have the option of receiving additional financial resources in the form of start-up loans or funding programs. But for the cash injection you not only have to be able to convince with a watertight business idea, you also have to present a credible business plan in Business tricks. This document contains all the important facts and figures about your future store, among other things

  • our unique selling proposition
  • a solid market analysis
  • a sound financial plan
  • the definition of your target audience
  • Advertising or marketing measures

Guidelines and legal requirements

Depending on which state you live in and want to open your own shop, there are different guidelines. Find out what to look out for in your city right at the start of your founding in Business tips. That concerns among other things

  • the competition law
  • the price regulation
  • food protection and hygiene regulations – if you trade in food

In addition, it is extremely advisable to have your shop checked directly by the building inspectorate.

As a shopkeeper, you should also cover yourself adequately. The following insurances are particularly important:

  • Public liability
  • Business insurance, such as fire protection
  • Legal protection

Last but not least, decide on a suitable legal form. Are you starting up alone or with several? Would you like to be privately liable or would you prefer to have your Business tips assets?

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