A Complete Guide To The JAMstack And React E-Commerce [2021]

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A Complete Guide To The JAMstack And React E-Commerce [2021]. The JAMstack is the next step in the evolution of web application architecture. It addresses many of the limitations and frustrations of traditional full-stack applications. Unlike a traditional stack, the JAMstack isn’t a specific set of certain tools, like MERN.

Instead, the JAMstack is a set of concepts, a philosophy behind how modern full-stack applications should be built to enhance performance, security, and scalability while drastically improving the developer experience. This means better software for our users and easier coding for ourselves.

That means there are a number of different JAMstacks using different sets of tools. For our JAMstack, we’ll be using React with Gatsby, Material-UI, Strapi, Stripe, and Netlify. We’ll use these tools to create a production-ready e-commerce platform that’s more comprehensive and full of features than any other online course

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